Virtual Conference: Maximize OT (Operational Technology) Server Uptime in Automated Factory Floor Environments

Every OT leader’s worst nightmare is the failure of a server that controls critical components of an automated factory-floor operation, bringing production operations to a grinding halt. The issue is complicated by several factors: lack of local IT support resources onsite, the need to maintain OT process control applications on legacy server hardware and operating systems, and the difficulty in securing older systems against downtime from various sources, including hardware failure and cyberthreats like ransomware.

Hear from industry experts at Honeywell, Verve, Acronis and more as they share best practices related to OT, manufacturing IT, and cybersecurity in a manufacturing environment. This expert panel will share global trends in OT, sources of OT server downtime, and strategies for maximizing uptime to maintain continuous manufacturing production.

Without a plan to protect it, every OT server eventually fails, taking production operations offline. Learn how to defend your factory floor uptime with the latest strategies for quickly restoring failed OT servers to online operation and defend them against modern cyberthreats like ransomware.